E21 Production Models


The 315 was a direct result of the energy crisis which hit Europe in the mid-70's. Using the old 1.6 litre engine but with only 75 bhp it was the E21 with the lowest power outcome of all. This did not make it a huge success among the many fans who took the E21 for the fun car it was. But basically it served its purpose well for the few who bought one - save for the fact that high speed and quick acceleration were not its great mark.

Distinguishable features:


 Single H4


 1573 cm³

 Fuel System

 Carburettor Zenith 1b2


 75 bhp (55 kW)

 0 - 100 km/h

 14.8 sec

 Top Speed

 154 km/h



 Front brakes

 225mm Discs

 Rear brakes

 250 mm Drums



 Other features

 Single exhaust pipe
 No chrome on windows