E21 Production Models


When it was introduced in 1975 the 320i was the most powerful E21 to be had. Intended to succed the veritable 2002tii it was off on a slow start. Although it featured slightly less power than the 320i it was heavier and thus less agile. In 1977 it was duely replaced by the nobler and more powerful 323i.

Distinguishable features:


 Double (H1 low beam and H1 high beam)


 1990 cm³

 Fuel System

 Fuel-injection Bosch K-Jetronic


 125 bhp (92 kW)

 0 - 100 km/h

 9.9 sec

 Top Speed

 180 km/h



 Front brakes

 225mm vented Discs

 Rear brakes

 250 mm Drums



 Other features

 Single exhaust pipe