E21 Production Models


The 320 entered the German market in 1977 and was the smallest 6-cylinder available in an E21. Knwon as the baby-six this engine brought fine-revving nobleness to BMW aficionados. It was known as the 320/6 to distinguish it from its predecessor the 4-ylinder 320/4. Slightly less agile than the 320/4 the 320/6 was BMW's best-selling E21 and laid down the marque's tradition of producing fine 6-cylinder engines in compact cars.

Distinguishable features:


 Double (H1 low beam and H1 high beam)


 1990 cm³

 Fuel System

 Carburettor Solex 4A1


 122 bhp (90 kW)

 0 - 100 km/h

 10.7 sec

 Top Speed

 181 km/h



 Front brakes

 225mm Discs

 Rear brakes

 250 mm Drums



 Other features

 Single exhaust pipe